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Herbal Freckles Cream

Herbal Freckles Cream

ہربل فریکل کریم



Freckles are mostly appeared on the fair skin faces or women who have fair complexion. These are actually the clusters of melanin. A freckle is also known as ephelis. Freckles are not due to the increase of melanocytes which are skin cells that produce melanin. Anyone can be affected from freckles, no matter from what type of genetic background one belongs to. But the amount of freckles depends on genes and it is related to the presence of melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant.


Sunlight exposure is the trigger for freckles. The activation of melanocytes has occurred due to exposure to Ultraviolet-B radiation. In this way, production of melanin has enhanced that makes freckles darker and they become more visible.


There are two types of freckles, Ephelides and Liver Spots.

Ephelides are flat type of freckles. They may be in brown or red color. They can be faded by decreasing sunlight exposure. People with light complexions are more susceptible to Ephelides. But people with other skin tones can also develop this. Their development can be decreased by regular use of sunblock.


The symptom of freckles is appearance of brown spots on face, back, chest and hands. These spots may be appeared as sporadic and individual manner or they may be in the form of groups. These are nothing but just the accumulation of melanin which is the skin pigment and produced by skin itself.



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